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Foil Lids for the 1lb Aluminum Pans (Packed 1000)


Foil Lids for the 1lb Aluminum Pans (Packed 500)


The aluminum foil side cover faces down to keep the food temperature, and the white side faces up.

Packed: 1000



This product is an aluminum foil product, safe with high temperature resistance of 660℃. Do not use it in a high temperature environment above 660℃, so as not to cause melting of the lunch box and cause food leakage.
This product is metal products, do not support the use of ordinary microwave oven!When using the microwave oven with barbecue function, please turn the microwave oven to the barbecue.
When using this product, do not put the paper lid in the oven to avoid burning of the paper lid due to high temperature.