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10% Off Our Holiday Collection Products with Promo Code "Holidays"

Culinary Classics® CC6911 9" x 6" Hinged Container 26 oz Microwavable 1-Comp. Black Base With 1-Comp. Clear Anti-Fog Lid

Culinary Classics can withstand temperatures up to 230℉ when used under heat lamps, in warming units, and in microwaves. The clear lid is designed with anti-fog technology, and is vented to allow steam to dissipate, keeping foods fresh and your product visible to assure order accuracy. Stacking will not block the vents. Secure snap closure ensures freshness and eliminates spills when transporting. The crack-resistant, cut-resistant polypropylene base allows your customers to eat right out of the container.

Product Details
Capacity: 26 oz. / 769ml
Dimensions: 9.55″ x 6.49″ x 3.21″ / 24.3cm x 16.5cm x 8.2cm
Application/Temperature: Cold Foods, Refrigerated Foods, Hot Foods, Heat Lamps, Microwavable, Warming Units
Material: PP-Polypropylene #5 PP
Sustainability: Consumer Re-usable, Eligible for Recycling