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Simoniz S3324012 Disinfectant Spray, 16.5 Oz Aerosol, Case Of 12


Disinfectant Spray for Health Care Use

With a pleasant lemon scent, Simoniz S3324 Disinfectant Spray is potent enough for health care use in hospitals and schools, but can be used on any inanimate environmental surfaces, wherever contagions can be encountered! Convenient aerosol format makes it great for use in schools, offices, locker room, and day care centers. Disinfect telephones, bathrooms, handles, garbage cans, toilet seats, athletic equipment and more, where ever contact can occur. Product is ready to use, but is not to be used as a terminal sterilant or high level disinfectant on any surface or instrument that is introduced directly into the human body.

20 ounce cans (net weight 16.5 ounce)
12 cans per case
Clean lemon scent
Effective disinfectant against:

Safety Data Sheet