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Plastic Medium Weight Cutlery Kits with Salt and Pepper - White - 250 Kits


Karat complete cutlery kits allow you to conveniently toss sanitary wrapped utensils, seasoning and napkin into take out or delivery bags. Customers will have everything they need to enjoy a wide variety of foods from soups to salads to chicken and rice. The medium weight utensils are low cost and provide perfect durability for soft foods.

Product Details

Color: White Utensils and Napkin
Utensil Material: PP - Polypropylene
Utensil Weight: Medium weight
Napkin Ply: 1 Ply
Contains: 1 Fork, 1 Tea Spoon, 1 Knife, 1 Single Ply Napkin, 1 Salt Packet, and 1 Pepper Packet
Wrap: Poly/Plastic
Units Sold By: Case 250 kits


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